What We Believe In

At Johnson Grammar IBDP, we focus on learning that goes beyond academics. Our IB curriculum enhances the critical thinking capacity of students to prepare them for every walk of life. We nurture young minds to learn beyond their textbooks, on a much more advanced level.


What Our Students Have To Say


" At Johnson IB, one’s work is neither motivated by fear, nor by grades, nor by rankings. It is instead their deliverance of the IB Curriculum, which is a combination of sports, community service and a constantly modernizing academic framework, that motivates its students. "

Anirudh K
Ashoka University,
Masters in Political Science and Journalism

" The course is rigorous and requires time and effort, but the holistic approach and international outlook that Johnson IB offers opens several doors, not only in terms of giving you breadth of learning or the independence, but also being aware of the opportunities available out there. "

Charith K
Nalsar University of Law

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